PT Aquilaria Works Indonesia (Pengusahaan Hasil Hutan Gaharu)

In only 3 hours, the process of establishing our company becomes much easier.

Marco Lambert Van Der Vorst – Director Operations, PT Aquilaria Works Indonesia (Management of Gaharu Forest Product)

PT Universal Luggage Indonesia (Industri Koper)


Stephen J. Kusmayadi –インドネシアのUniversal Luggage有限責任会社(荷物産業)の株主

Pan Pacific Group (Industri Tekstil)

Less than 17 months or 19 months everything is done, from licensing to inauguration.

Suk-Won Lim – CEO, Pan Pacific Group (Textile Industry)

PT Oki Pulp & Paper Mills (Industri Kertas)

We have obtained the facility of duty free, tax holiday facility, and the last one we received is green line facility for importation of capital goods and raw materials.

Suhendra Wiriadinata – Director, PT Oki Pulp & Paper Mills (Paper Industry)

PT Lotte Chemical Indonesia (Industri Kimia Dasar)

It turns out that it is no different from what Jokowi Government advertises about OSS, from the company’s establishment procedure to the eight required permits and deeds, can be done smoothly.

Seong-Gu Yoon – President Director, PT Lotte Chemical Indonesia (Basic Chemical Industry)

PT Amerta Indah Otsuka (Industri Minuman Ringan)

Investors do not need to come to the other ministry because it is integrated in the OSS Center System. The services provided are also fast and transparent.

Prayugo Gunawan – Managing Director, PT Amerta Indah Otsuka (Soft drink industry)

PT KRnG Indonesia (Industri Barang Galian)

The investment process is much easier than ever.

Park Young Su – Direktor, PT KRnG Indonesia (Excavation Good Industry)

PT CKD Otto Pharmaceuticals (Industri Farmasi)

With OSS Center, we only need 1 week, not 2 month, to establish company.

Inhyun Baik – President Director, PT CKD Otto Pharmaceuticals (Pharmaceutical industry)

PT Universal Luggage Indonesia (Industri Koper)

I am very happy to be able to cut at least 1 month from my project implementation schedule.

Stephen J. Kusmayadi – Shareholder, PT Universal Luggage Indonesia (Luggage Industry)

PT Shell Manufacturing Indonesia (Industri Minyak Pelumas)

Shell has experienced an easy, fast, transparent and reliable service. Shell hopes to become a partner of BKPM in committing to continue to build a better and faster business environment.

Darwin Silalahi – President Director & Country Chairman, PT Shell Manufacturing Indonesia (Lubricating Oil Industry)

PT Daewoong Infion (Industri Farmasi)

With the Integrated One-Stop Service Center in BKPM, investors no longer need to visit other ministries because everything is integrated.

Andrianto Dernatra – President Director, PT Daewoong Infion (Pharmaceutical industry)

Caterpillar Asia Pacific (Industri Mesin)

The entire application process is done online from start to finish. All settlement of investment request in Indonesia only takes about 1 month.

Richard Planisek – Indonesia Country Manager, Caterpillar Asia Pacific (Machinery Industry)

PT Conwood Indonesia (Industri Barang dari Semen, Kapur, Gips dan Asbes)

BKPM implements the online system. This can improve work efficiency in BKPM itself and also will be more fun for us as an investor.

Sukit Ngamsangapong – President Director, PT Conwood Indonesia (Cement, Lime, Gypsum and Asbestos Industry)

PT Elleair Internatonal Manufacturing Indonesia (Industri Barang dari Kertas)

We greatly appreciate the extraordinary cooperation of BKPM especially during the preparation period where it only takes one year for us to establish the company until the production period.

Shozo Ishikawa – President Director, PT Elleair Internatonal Manufacturing Indonesia (Paper Goods Industry)

PT Shenhua Guohua Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (Pembangkit Tenaga Listrik)

We are very pleased with the change and effectiveness of BKPM services. The service has prevented us from licensing issues and certainly creates a better investment climate for the future.

Zhai Zhaoyang – Deputy General Manager, PT Shenhua Guohua Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (Power Plant)

PT UPC Renewables Indonesia (Pembangkit Tenaga Listrik)

This is truly a One Stop Service (OSS). Through OSS, we can enter a larger investment climate in Indonesia.

Chris Caffyn – Senior Vice President, PT UPC Renewables Indonesia (Power Plant)

PT Aek Simonggo Energy (Pembangkit Tenaga Listrik)

The government through BKPM takes the initiative to take a special treatment called the green line so that the goods we bring to the country are facilitated and through a very fast process.

Nelson Sihotang – President Director, PT Aek Simonggo Energy (Power Plant)

PT Bhimasena Power (Pembangkit Tenaga Listrik)

BKPM has been very helpful as a coordinator who brought us together with the agencies related to land acquisition so that the land acquisition problem can be resolved properly.

Mohammad Effendi – President Director, PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia (Power Plant)

Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park

It’s Great. As long as I work in Indonesia 30 years more, this is the best.

Halim Mina – Chairman, Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park

PT CJ Korea Express Logistics Indonesia

It only takes 3 hours to complete the licensing, a very surprising innovation. Indonesia has risen several levels to developed countries.

Lee Joon – Head, PT CJ Korea Express Logistics Indonesia